Our Church’s Mission

To serve others, as Christ served us.

We do this through the following steps:
Encounter Christ,
Encourage Relationships,
Engage all People

Our Church’s Vision

Engaging with our community through the Love of Christ.

Our Core Values

1. We believe that we are called to show the love of Christ to all people, regardless of age, race, gender, or lifestyle.

2. We believe that each person has the responsibility to use their spiritual gifts to further God’s kingdom.

3. We believe that it is our call to go out into the community and to share the love of God with others.

4. We are committed to equipping Christians to live God-filled lives through Biblical preaching and teaching.

5. We are committed to relying on prayer for direction, in all things.

6. We are committed to small group ministries, to encounter, encourage, and engage relationships.

7. We are committed to engaging all people in the church to be involved in ministry.

8. We are committed to encouraging all people to grow into leadership positions in the church.